Carbon Fiber

We have created the lightest overhead general aviation headset on the market. Weighing in at only 9oz, forget about fatigue, you will forget you are even wearing it!

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Active Noise Reduction

Our new ANR headsets utilize the latest in noise cancelling technology to give you the quietest cabin possible. Enjoy flying even more with reduced wind and engine noise and clearer ATC radio communications.

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Bluetooth Interface

Connecting to your navigation devices, music, or making a call home while in flight has never been easier. With audio prioritization you can switch between Radio Com only, Bluetooth mute when receiving Radio Com, or Listening to Both.

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About Us

We utilize our vast knowledge and experience in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Aerospace Industries to bring you an advancement in Aviation Communication.

Utilizing the finest materials for weight reduction, sound quality, and function, we bring you our newest line of Aviation Headsets.

Radio communication is one of the most important tasks that a pilot has. That is why we tested our products from conception to production using Pilots from around the world to give us the feedback required to release the highest quality headsets available at a competitive price. Our Carbon Fiber BT-X Series offers all of the greatest features we offer as well as the lightest over the head communications device available on the market. With an industry leading 10 year Limited Warranty, we stand behind our products and the customers who buy them.


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