Daniel Donovan at Flight School in a Piper Archer
Daniel Donovan at Flight School in a Piper Archer

Our Approach

Becoming a Pilot is not an easy task. It takes dedication and persistence. Here at Flight Pro Inc. we put the same hard work into designing, creating and manufacturing our products as we did when we became pilots. We want our products to serve you as a customer for years to come with the quality and function you’d expect in the aviation industry.

Our Story

Since he was a young boy, the founder, Daniel Donovan, loved airplanes. He played with diecast models before he could talk. Assembled plastic models in elementary school. Even designed and built his own radio controlled airplane for a school project in 6th grade. Throughout his teen years and into his thirties he regularly flew various radio controlled aircraft while he dremt that someday he would have his own plane to fly and become a pilot.

Different career paths in automotive and aerospace industries always kept Daniel close to aviation but becoming a pilot had not presented itself in a way that would work with his growing family and career. However, knowing about his passion for aviation and always wanting to become a pilot, his wife surprised Daniel with his first flight lesson and signed him up for ground school to pursue his dreams. After starting flight school, Daniel knew that flying is what he should have been doing all along and he set out to find a way to make flying part of his career.

Having a growing family and being a business owner Daniel wasn’t fond of the idea of becoming an airline pilot and spending that much time away from his wife and kids. Using his knowledge and experience in previous career ventures he set out to create a line of products that could be marketed to pilots and flight schools. His thoughts were that he could fly to his customers to present and demo products, while traveling around the world with his family. As a result, Flight Pro Inc. was born.

Meet the Team

Flight Pro’s dedication to customer service is second to none. Our teams experience reaches well beyond the expectations set by our customers. Our founder and CEO even forwards the business 800 number to his cell phone when he is away from his desk so he can personally handle any overflow when we get busy.

Daniel Donovan

Founder & CEO

Found his passion for aviation and built his dreams around it!

Mike Pearson

Vice President

His favorite times are STOL flying in Alaska!

Robert Telio


His need for speed and comfort in the sky are paralleled in his career.

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