Product Testing Complete

Flight Pro reached out to Pilots from around the world to test and review sample products. We used this data to fine tune our products and make them better. The feedback that has been received from the aviation industry has helped us learn what different pilots need and require from their equipment. We are excited to say we have completed this round of testing and are ready for the first production run of our Carbotech Series Headsets. The Carbotech line is made of the highest grade Carbon Fiber weave making it the lightest over the head headset on the market. Carbon Fiber is very strong, and acoustically superior to other plastics and polymers that are being used by other manufacturers.

Stay tuned as we release the first run for sale on the website after they’ve been quality control checked!

1 thought on “Product Testing Complete”

  1. I can’t wait until these are available to buy. I got to do some testing with them and they are great! Very lightweight, audio is clear and half the price of the Bose that I was using. My Bose Bluetooth feature stopped working so I’m just going to “upgrade” to the Flight Pro Carbotech Headset!

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